How to Request Maintenance
Please follow the instructions below on how to request maintenance via the Tenant Web Access.

Important Information:
You must submit a Service Issue (Work Order/Maintenance Request) through the Tenant Web Access (TWA) for any Maintenance requests to be completed. Unfortunately, we cannot take Maintenance requests over the phone, we need you to submit a Service Issue for two reasons: 

(1)   When you submit a new Service Issue via the TWA, the Maintenance Technicians receives a notification on their phone while they are out in the field. This allows the Maintenance Technicians to be more efficient, thus closing more Service Issues.
(2)   When you submit a new Service Issue via the TWA, you are giving Dobrin Property Management and its representatives permission to enter the premises to complete the requested maintenance.

Please note: The Maintenance Technician can only complete the work requested in the Service Issue, they are unable to complete any other work while on the premises, we must have a Service Issue requesting and authorizing the work to be completed. 

Thank you for your cooperation with this matter!


  1. Sign into your account on the Tenant Web Access
  1. Click Service Issues
  2. In the right-hand corner, click Add Service Issue

4. In the first box, there is a blank drop down menu, you can ignore this.

  1. In the next field, type the Title (whatever you think describes the situation best)
  2. Under the title is a box for the Descriptiontype the details of the issue.
  3. Please check the 'allowed to enter' box, and check the pets box if you have any pets.
  4. Click Add Service Issue at the bottom and you are set!