Move-Out Procedures
Please follow the moving and cleaning instructions below. If you have any questions, please call our office. Thank you.



1. Cancel Utilities

Cable TV and Internet

Water, Sewer, Trash Collection: [City of Richmond, DPU ] [804-646-4646]

Electric: [Dominion Energy] [1-866-366-4357]

2. Clean the Premise.

Follow instructions for each area of the house as specified in this document. Remember to clean the inside and exterior of the property.

3. Remove all your Trash AND Treasures.

Remove everything that that does not belong to the landlord.

4. Return Keys

Return keys to Dobrin Property Management by 12PM on your lease end date by placing your keys in an envelope with your name and forwarding address written on the envelope. Keys must be returned to the office, and can be placed in the secured lock box at the front of the building.

Do NOT leave the keys in the rental property.

5. Final Inspection

You must be moved out by 12:00 PM on your Lease End Date. All tenants must be moved out and keys returned before the final inspection can take place. You do not need to be present for the final inspection, but if you would like to please call our office to see when we are coming out.

If you would like a few days to fix anything (extra cleaning or repairs) that the landlord is dissatisfied with, please schedule the PRE-inspection 5-7 days prior to lease end.

5. Forward your Mail.

This is very important, please ensure you complete this step. Notify the Postal Service at

6. Report Damages.

When returning your keys, please include a note of anything that is damaged, not in working order, or anything that you’ve noticed from living there that we may miss during an inspection. This is extremely helpful in ensuring we keep our properties up to our standards.




Entire Unit:

  • Clean all windows
  • Vacuum/sweep AND Mop/Swiffer all hardwood floors (get the sticky stuff up)
  • Wipe down all light switches and doors, removing finger smudges and scuffs
  • Wipe down all heating radiators
  • Wipe down/dust all baseboards, window sills, light switches, outlets, doors
  • Wipe down all AC vents – remove dust from surrounding area
  • Replace all burnt-out light bulbs
  • Close all windows
  • Put screens back in windows
  • Remove any cobwebs from the ceiling with a broom
  • Clean out any fireplaces
  • Remove all trash from premises
  • All carpeting must be vacuumed and shampooed
  • Clean all blinds



  • Everything from “Entire Unit” section
  • Scrub kitchen walls (especially near trash can) – be careful not to remove the paint
  • Wipe down all cabinets and drawers (inside and out)
  • Remove finger smudges from cabinets
  • Clean/dust above cabinets
  • Clean/dust top of fridge
  • Reinstall any removed smoke detectors that you removed, ensure working batteries
  • Remove all food/non-food from cabinets and fridge/freezer
  • Clean the fridge/freezer with cleaner and WARM water
  • Run the dishwasher empty in “sanitize” mode
  • Clean microwave
  • Clean the oven and range (may require “Easy-Off Oven Cleaner” spray)
  • Clean inside garbage disposal with special disposal cleaning agent. Remove any debris that might be causing noise (paperclips, coins, bone fragments, etc).


Dining Room:

  • Everything from “Entire Unit” section
  • Clean glass in hanging the light fixture



  • Everything from “Entire Unit” section
  • Clean mildew from shower tiles/grout/caulk. This may take 2-3 cleanings if mildew is persistent. Try using a special mildew remover cleaner (ex. Tiles Mold and Mildew) or bleach
  • Scrub soap scum from tub walls
  • Clean sink
  • Clean mirror with glass cleaner
  • Clean/scrub Toilet thoroughly
  • Unclog shower if water is draining slow
  • Clean all fixtures (sink may need “CLR” - a cleaning product to remove hard water & lime buildup)
  • Replace burnt out light bulbs
  • Clean cabinet shelves
  • Scrub tile floor with a brush and soap



  • Everything from “Entire Unit” section
  • Thoroughly clean/wipe down the closets, closet shelves, window sills



  • Clean up the front yard of debris, weeds, and dead vegetation
  • Sweep front porch, and then spray it down with a garden hose.
  • Clean up the yard, deck, and stairs of trash, leaves, fallen branches, and debris

Please note that if you choose to paint, you run the risk of incurring the costs of Dobrin repainting the unit if the painting is not completed to Dobrin's satisfaction.
If the paint does not match, please stop painting immediately.

Bedrooms, Hallways, and Living Room/Common Area:
Property Solutions: Interior Flat - 919 Antique White
Kitchen, Laundry Room, and Bathrooms:
Property Solutions: Semi-Gloss - Antique White
Doors, Trim, Baseboards:
Property Solution: Semi-Gloss - White