Nate’s Bagels: Boiled and baked at Cary St & Allen.

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After years of working as a civil engineer designing landfills, Nate Matthews made the leap and decided to do something different. In 2015, he went to New York to do an amateur, four-hour course on baking bagels at home.

When he returned to Richmond, Nate spent countless hours experimenting with different ratios of yeast, water, and days of fermenting to get the perfect bagel recipe. In fact, “Nate spent two years serving and asking what Richmonders were looking for, all the while traveling back and forth to New York, New Jersey, and across Virginia making friends and getting advice from the best bagel makers out there” claims the Nate’s Bagels website.

In 2016, Nate began making bagels in his home kitchen to sell at local farmers’ markets, shops, breweries, as well as through a subscription service. The subscription service’s success led Nate to eventually open up his own brick and mortar shop in 2018 — the Nate’s Bagels shop on the corner of Cary St & Allen that we all love today.

Nates Bagels
“We aim to perfect the classics and make a true Richmond bagel that reflects our beautiful, complex river city. We’re a local coffee shop loving, farmer’s market friendly, chickens in the backyard, beers on the porch, bagel in the morning kind of company.”


Address: 107 S First St, Richmond, VA 23219

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