Move-In Procedures

Please review the Welcome Packet below for Move-In information.
If you have not already received an email with your move in time, please call our office at (804) 257-9893.


It is our pleasure to welcome you to Dobrin Property Management. We sincerely hope that you find your new home comfortable and enjoyable.

This welcome letter will provide important information and will help to expedite your move in.

Please take some time to review the information below and feel free to contact us with any questions.

First Month’s Rent: First full month’s rent due at move in. If you have not paid your first full month’s rent we cannot give you keys

Any necessary proration will be applied to the second month’s rent.

Example: If your rent is $1,000 and your move-in date is June 15th, $1,000 is due on June 15th to receive your keys. On July 1st, your rent will be $533.28. If rent is not received by 4 PM on the 5th, rent will be considered late and you will incur a late fee equal to 10% of your monthly rent (not the prorated rent), in this case, that would be $100.

Rent: For the remaining months, rent is due on the 1st and considered late if not received before 4:00 pm on the 5th of the current month.

We only accept payments through the Tenant Web Access at:

Please be sure to review the payment processing fees so there are no surprises when you make your payment.

To avoid late fees, please ensure we receive your rent payment by 4:00 pm on the 5th of each month, we recommend paying your rent on the 1st.

Renters Insurance: Proof of Renters Insurance is required at move in.

Renters Insurance is required per your lease agreement. This will protect your personal property in the event of a fire, flood, etc. We recommend bundling with an existing insurance company to receive a discount. You only need $100,000 in limited liability which is the bare minimum.

Keys: Once you have paid the first full month’s rent and provided us with a copy of your Renters Insurance policy, you may pick up your keys. You cannot move into the property until this has been provided to Dobrin Property Management.

Pets: We are a pet-friendly community but we do require prior written approval from Dobrin Property Management before any pet enters the premises. If you would like a pet, please request a pet application from management.

Maintenance: If you have a maintenance request, please create a Service Issue via the Tenant Web Access ( Always leave a detailed description with as much information as possible. Please see the ‘How to Report Maintenance’ sheet in your Welcome Packet for further instruction.

Important Contacts:

Richmond Police Non-Emergency: (804) 646-1412 or Fax (804) 646-1630 (3rd Precinct)

Emergency: 911

Richmond Department of Public Utilities: 1 (866) 366-4357

Dominion Virginia Power: (804) 646-4646

Dobrin Property Management Office: (804) 257-9893

Dobrin’s Texting Number: (804) 293-2456

Residential Relations:

Report a Gas Leak: (804) 646-1412

How to Set Up Utilities

At least one week before you move in (you may do it earlier), please call the public utility providers listed below, and switch the public utilities, that apply to you and your lease, into your name with the effective change date set to your move-in date. When you call, tell them your name, the property address and your move-in date. There should be only one account with each of the public utility providers below. You may choose to put all tenants’ names on the account or to set up an account in the name of one tenant and reimburse him/her each month as agreed between yourselves.

If you fail to switch public utilities into your name, we will not be able to give you the keys at move-in.

If a utility provider needs Landlord information, have them call: (804) 257-9893.

Electric: Dominion Energy

WHEN: 7 days before your move-in date.

HOW: Call Dominion Virginia Power at 1-866-DOM-HELP (1-866-366-4357) or go online.

Ask them to switch electricity for the property into your name.

Tell them: (1) Your name, (2) property address, and (3) the move in date – this is when the account should be in your name for you to have electricity in the house/apartment.

ONLINE: Follow the link below, and select the option to ‘Register now’ and follow the prompts to transfer the electricity into your name.

If you already have a Dominion account, select the option to ‘Sign In’ to stop service at one location and start it at another.

Water, Sewage, Trash, and Gas: Richmond Department of Public Utilities:

WHEN: 7 days before your move-in date.

HOW: Call City of Richmond Department of Public Utilities at (804) 646-4646.

(This has been updated Aug. 23, 2017)

Ask them to switch water/sewer/trash collection for the property to your name.

Tell them: (1) Your name, (2) property address, and (3) the date of move in – this is when the account should be in your name for you to have these public utilities provided to you.

You will have one bill for water/sewer/trash collection and will be able to pay it online.


Address: 107 S First St, Richmond, VA 23219

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